What we do

Financial Accounting

We offer a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services for any businesses. Depending on your needs, we partner with you as your part-time or full-time Bookkeeper, Accountant, or the entire Accounting department. All of our accounting services and solutions are scalable during periods of peak activity, and then can be scaled back when they are no longer required.

By partnering with us to help you manage key non-core functions, you can concentrate efforts on maximizing your core business, which is essential to businesses that are positioned for growth.

Statutory Auditing

We provide a range of financial auditing services including statutory audits, internal audits and compliance audits. We are authorized to carry out statutory audits by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. Our audit methodologies are fully in compliance with local & international auditing standards.

Our audit methodologies including techniques, tools, guides are developed to cope with dynamic & fast moving business environments. Our risk assessments procedures will assess the level of risk involved in an engagement and audit procedures will be designed accordingly. Our auditing services will add credibility to clients' financial statements.

Tax Consultancy

In a dynamic economy, there continues to be a growing number of tax and compliance challenges affecting both private individuals and corporations. In light of increasing global business competition & regulation, effective tax planning & accurate tax compliance can have a real bottom line impact on a business.

We provide comprehensive tax advice as well as practical support in the structuring of tax arrangements to reduce related costs as well as to ensure all regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

Our service areas include Corporate Income and Other Taxes, Personal Income Tax, filing tax returns and other compliance with tax authorities.

Company Formation

Thinking of starting a company or setting up a branch office in Sri Lanka? We provide company registration & related services. We are well-experienced in company formation in Sri Lanka. Our professionals are highly knowledgeable on the legal & procedural requirements in company incorporation in Sri Lanka.

Our service include advising on the best form of registration depending on client requirements, assistance in completing the required documents and advising on the local Companies Act requirements.

Investment Advisory

We provide comprehensive services to startups and investments in Sri Lanka including company valuations, mergers and acquisitions and BOI project consultancy.

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) is the central facilitation point for local and foreign investors in Sri Lanka. BOI approved investment projects can benefit from various tax concessions, relaxed exchange control procedures and other facilities. We can provide assistance and advice throughout the investment process. We have helped many local and foreign investors to get BOI approval without any delays.

Company Secretarial

We provide company secretarial services to both local & foreign companies. Our secretarial services extend to our clients including directors, senior management teams and board committees and also we provide advisory services on regulatory & ethical compliance matters.

Our services include attending & keeping minutes of company meetings, preparations of resolutions & maintaining statutory registers, handling annual returns, shares issues, transfers, etc.